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Posted on September 4th, 2017 by Eagle Class

Eagle Class Autumn Term

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This blog tells you about the term ahead and what your children will be learning.


It is extremely important that you child does not miss any time from school.  The children will sit their SATs tests on Monday to Thursday the week beginning 14 May.

Maths:  This term the children will be revising areas of the mathematical curriculum in preparation for the SATs tests.  These skills will include place value, short and long multiplication, short and long division, shape and investigation skills.

English:  We will be developing our writing skills through a variety of genre including: fiction – story writing; persuasive – letter writing, this will also include editing and redrafting their writing.  We will be improving our speaking and listening skills through discussions, small group work and presentations.

Science:  We will cover Earth and Space and Forces including revision of other topics, including planning, preparing and conducting experiments.  This includes using scientific terms and making a hypothesis.

Jigsaw PSHE:  All Jigsaw lessons are delivered in an age-and stage-appropriate way so that they meet children’s needs.

Being Me in My World has a wide focus, looking at helping others to feel welcome, discussing ways to make the school community a better place.  We will also explore how everyone has a right to learn and the reward and consequences that go along with that. This will culminate in creating a class Learning Charter. All Jigsaw lessons are delivered in an age- and stage-appropriate way so that they meet children’s needs. 

Celebrating Difference: This will link with Anti Bullying week in November. We will discuss how everyone is different but we can include everyone when working and playing. We will also explore how we can start to solve problems, leading onto receiving and giving compliments.

Computing:  Through all our work we will be continuing to embed the importance of E-Safety.

We will be focusing on understanding the need to develop safe, respectful and responsible use of online technologies. We will investigate copyright conditions for materials, privacy settings and restrictions for age before signing up to a site. We will also discuss how and why location services are used.

PE:  We will be developing our swimming skills during the term, attending Central Sports centre.

Art:  Using a variety of mediums we will be focusing on art through the decades including artist such as Paul Nash and Evelyn Dunbar.  We will also be creating dreamcatchers linking with our North America topic

Design Technology:  This will focus working with materials, cutting, pinning and hand stitching to create a textile in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Music:  The children will explore rhythm, pulse by listening to music throughout the decades from the 1940’s..

RE:  This will continue to be taught by Mrs Bastable and will cover Christianity including comparing the features of Christian churches within the Watford area.

History and Geography:  The children will be looking at the development and growth of North America and Canada including the physical features of the area.

MFL:  This will continue to be taught by Mme Lawson and this term will focus on Spanish talking about themselves, pets, colours and hobbies.  Work will also include the days, weeks, months and dates,  and at the end of term focusing on Christmas.

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