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Posted on January 16th, 2017 by Sparrow Class

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year. 

Each week I will be updating our class blog to give you information about the coming week and important dates to remember.

Our first blog tells you about the term ahead.

Your children will be learning:

Maths: This term children will be developing their mental maths addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. We will continue to focus on addition and subtraction but we will be looking at different strategies to solve a problem. The children will be reviewing their number place value skills. The children will also begin to learn about statistics, problem solving, reasoning and algebra.

English: We will continue to practice our writing skills to form a neat cursive writing style. We will be focusing on grammar this term with a particular focus on sentences, punctuation, pronouns, conjunctions, prefixes, suffixes, singular or plural words and holding a sentence. The children will continue to learn phase 5 phonics in preparation for the Year One Phonics screening in the Summer.

Science: We will be studying the seasonal changes between winter and spring. We will be discussing the changes in the environment and weather at these times of year. We will be learning more about different materials and their differing properties. We will then find suitable uses for each material and create products using them. In the second half term we will be be looking at plants and conducting an experiment to find out what plants need to survive. The children will also study the parts of the plant.

Jigsaw PSHE: Hope and Dreams. to share our hopes and dreams and discuss and plan ways we can achieve these using a growth mindset approach to tackling a challenge. Then after half term the topic will be Healthy Me, discussing being healthy inside and out

Computing: We will be developing our skills by using the internet to become collectors! We will find different images using the internet, particularly search engines.

PE: We will be working on agility and handball in the first half term. During the second half term we will be developing our dance co-ordination skills.

Art: We will be researching different artists and learn about their different styles. We will try and replicate some of their styles using our own designs and ideas. The artists will include:

  • David Hockney
  • Chris Ofilli
  • Rob Ryan

Design Technology: We will be discussing famous inventors and the things they have invented. We will then become inventors and create mechanisms that have sliders and levers. The children will continue to have weekly cooking sessions. The famous inventors that we will be studying include:
• Alexander Bell
• Thomas Edison
• Henry Ford

Music: We will be exploring pitch, pace, tempo and volume in music. We will be listening to different national anthems, including the 4 countries in the UK and some different European countries. Music will be taught by Mrs Austin.

RE: This term we will be exploring the themes of belonging and Easter. This term R.E. will be taught by Mrs Austin.

History: We will be focusing on famous people in our history lessons. We will be exploring different artists and sportsman with particular focus on famous people within the children’s living memory. The famous people we will be studying include artists, sportsman and inventors such as Chris Hoy, David Hockney and Thomas Edison.

Geography:We will be studying national geography including the UK and all capital cities. The children will also study the four countries that make up the UK and how this happened with a strong link to national history. We will study globes and atlases to learn the different oceans. We will also learn about a contrasting city to London, which the children will choose.

French:The children will continue to have a weekly French lesson with Mrs Lawson. In the first half term, the children will learn about pets, farm animals and the noises they make. In the second half term, the children will learn about colours, clothes and traditional tales.

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