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Posted on April 29th, 2016 by Swift Class

Hope you have a good week!As part of getting Reception children ready for Year 1 Stay and Play will only occur on a Friday afternoon from this week.

Monday 2nd


Tuesday 3RD

• Book Bags, Yr 1 Homework and Water Bottles due in.

• Reading Morning 8:45-9:10

• Book Bags and Library Books to go home tonight

Wednesday 4TH

• Reception Homework due in and Homework to go out tonight.

• We now have weekly garden time on a Wednesday afternoon

• Mini Speeches: Laura, Catrinel, Phoebe and Ibrahim – Our RE topic this term is FAVOURITE PLACES the children can discuss any favourite place they like for 1 minute. If your child does not wish to take part that is also fine.

Thursday 5TH

• Book Bags due in

Friday 6TH

• Percussion Session

• Book Bags and Water Bottles to go home

• Stay and Play for Reception 2:30-3:00


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