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Posted on January 15th, 2016 by Swift Class

Please remember to return allergy slips for our fruit smoothie workshop on 29th January 

We are still collecting old Christmas cards. 

Monday 18th 

Book Bags, Yr1 Homework and water bottles due in. 
French this afternoon, focusing on colours. 

Tuesday 19th 

Reading Morning and library 8:45-9:10
Book Bags to go out 

Wednesday 20th 

Reception Homework due in 

Yr1 and Reception Homework to go out 

My mum will carry on cooking with a few children per week 

Show and Tell today: Dexter, Catrinel and Phoebe 

Thursday 20th  

Stay and Play for Reception 8:45-9:30 in Robin room 

Book Bags due in. 

Friday 21st  

Book Bags and water bottles to go home. 

Stay and Play for Reception 2:30-3:00 in Robin Room. 

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