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Posted on November 27th, 2015 by Swift Class
  • If your child is writing Christmas cards to children in the school please add the class name on the envelope and the child’s surname. Your child can then put them in our post box. 
  • Winter Extravaganza on Saturday 12-6
  • Costumes need to be in by Friday 4th 

Monday 30th

  • We are collecting chocolate for the Winter Extravaganza   
  • Book Bags, water bottles, library books and Year 1 homework due in. 

Tuesday 1st

  • Final Reading Morning 
  • Book Bags to go home. 

Wednesday 2nd

  • Reception homework due in. 
  • Homework this week is to go over song words for the Production. 

Thursday 3rd 

  • Book Bags due in
  • Final Stay and Play for Reception. 
  • Year 6 Ration Tea Party, come along with your child from 2:30. 

Friday 4th

  • Costumes due in today
  • PANTOMIME! We will be back at school by 12:45, please ensure the children are in school uniform. 
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