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Posted on May 8th, 2017 by Falcon Class

This last week has been a success in our class.

We could finish our compositions about Noah’s Ark. This week we will use the computers to write our own stories in a long composition (chapter 1 and 2). This is one of the extracts from one student:

The everlasting drought had seized the entire land. The human race, man and women had almost forgotten that water once fell from the sky many years ago. It seemed like only the root of evil, sorrow and despair lifted from the barren underworld. That was when man saw his first vision.
Women that lived in this dry, brick wasteland had to conduct rain dances and rituals to hopefully bring rain. Little did they know they were summoning a great danger. A brave warrior called Noah was sent to find water so he went to say his goodbyes. Sadly he walked up the mountain to find a girl dressed in rags and in beaded jewellery .”Noah!”She called going in for a hug. “Shem I must go and …”he said. Noah explained everything to Shem. She sobbed for hours so Noah left her and started his journey.

Secondly, we have been solving word problems in Maths and carrying on with our Mastery activities, tests and researching about how to sort out the problems using different mathematical methods. This week 4, we will be working with divisions, problem solving, geometry and algebra.

In Science, we kept investigating about different kind of fossils (from Evolution and Inheritance Unit). This week we will be investigating about how animals and plants adapt to the environment.

In Geography, we will be learning about the population and the cities of Australia. In Art, we will carrying on with the aboriginal art from Australia.

In PE, we will be practising cricket.

Finally, I copy the letter that you will receive today about homework.

Please keep homework in the folders (all the homework from Summer Term) because sometimes the students don’t write the name or date on it and the consequence is that some of them lose it or it can’t be identified.

At school, the children have a specific folder for every subject and specific assignments (e.g. comprehension folder, homework folder, English or Maths folder…). So it’s important not to mix each one.

Some children are not bringing the reading records weekly; please do so to support future reading progress.

The children must bring the red spelling books every Tuesday so that I can check their work properly. The progress in spellings is satisfactory but if they bring them weekly I will be more able to follow their progress.

This activity is made up of different activities from English, Geography, History, Science, Music or other subjects. It is an opportunity for the children to revise what they are learning at school with a research about some topics or using their imagination and creativity describing some pictures related to the topic. The length of the task can vary between a few sentences or a few paragraphs. There’s no time established in this task.

Maths: Worksheet.
When the students spend 20 minutes in this revision and Arithmetic task, they may mark the test with a calculator after 20 minutes. If they don’t know how to mark one exercise or don’t understand it they need to write a question mark on it (?)

Mr Fernandez

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