Week 6

Posted on October 9th, 2016 by Woodpecker Class

starFor improved listening and helping others- Fantastic News!

Thank you to those of you that signed up for Pupil Progress Evening. If you were unable to do so please come and see me so we can arrange an appointment.

Don’t forget e-safety on Tuesday- 2.15-3.15

A busy week ahead.

Maths: Fractions.

English: Grammar linked to Christophe’s Story- allocated chapter 1-4 is on Wordsmith.

P.E. Speed Stacking and Gym- STOMP WORKSHOP!

Science: Sound investigation.

Topic: Bird’s Eye View Maps


Times tables against the clock. Test yourself in 10 minutes.

Circle Time: Improving.

R.E. Different religious beliefs continued.

Computing: Designing e-safety posters.

Work hard and enjoy our week.

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