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I hope you had a chance to have a little fun in the snow!

IMG_0379Well done- excellent use of punctuation when writing direct speech!

swimmerIt was lovely to see all the children enjoy their swimming- whatever stage you are at in learning this important life – skill, it was smiles all around! Well Done!

Our Learning.

Maths- we will be looking at acute and obtuse angles.

English- we will be looking at more grammar and punctuation and practising our assembly for FRIDAY  9AM!

History- more sharing of homework and learning about THE VIKINGS.

Geography- we will be learning more about how mountains are formed and begin to understand that there are different types of mountain forms.

Science- to learn more about igneous rock formations, in other words volcanoes.

P.E.- handball and swimming.

Computing- developing our success criteria for our presentations.

D.T. Cooking- Rock Cakes, of course!

Spellings, x tables and mental maths.

Please make sure you have your library book in for Monday and your  slips for  The Fruit Workshop and Spiderwick DVD are returned- Thank you.


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