Week 2

Posted on January 10th, 2016 by Woodpecker Class

swimmerSwimming for Year 4 – Friday

Don’t forget your hats. ( and Goggles if you need them)

Monday: We will be looking at grammar skills and working with negative numbers in Maths. In the afternoon we begin the introduction to our Viking topic. Thank you to those of you that have already completed some research.

Tuesday: French begins again for this term. In English we continue with The Spiderwick Unit. In the afternoon we will discuss the different layers of the earth and rock formation. Weather permitting we will take a walk around the school to look at the types of rock in our own environment.

Wednesday: Maths involves estimation and using the inverse in formal methods of subtraction. Our English continues. In the afternoon we will be using  an atlas to look at and locate mountain ranges of the world.

Thursday: Computing will continue looking at making TV presentations, we will consider success criteria for good presentation. PE and RE in the afternoon- Don’t forget your PE kits need to be in school everyday!

Friday: Maths involves estimation and using the inverse in formal methods of subtraction with numbers of up to 4 digits. In English we will compare The Spiderwick Chronicles to an extract of another book set in an imaginary world.     Swimming in the afternoon.

IMG_0379Finally, congratulations to our Star of the Week- excellent times table recall!

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