Posted on June 26th, 2016 by Woodpecker Class

IMG_0379Well Done! Lovely to see your hand up so much more!

This week- lots to remember.

Maths: Decimals and money.

English: Writing mini sagas for Young Writers Competition.

Geography: Field skills.

Grammar: Homonyms.

Music: Rehearsal to rest of school.

History: Greek Morning. Friday

D.T. Sandal making.


No swimming on Friday- double session again next week.

On Monday we will have an Olympic themed session led by the coaches from Game-on.

Material for Greek morning due in.

On Tuesday we will be practising and performing our singing to KS1 and KS2.

Thursday is Chorister Afternoon: Depart at 1.30 return at 6.30- Please provide snack and drink. We look forward to seeing you there at 5pm.

Friday is Greek morning, we will dress up, food taste and make thumb pots using Greek designs.

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