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School uniform makes an important contribution to the ethos of the school and the work and attitude of the children. Wearing a school uniform reinforces a sense of community belonging and avoids their best clothes being spoiled. Please ensure that your child is dressed in clothes that he/she can easily manage. Younger children benefit from pull-up trousers and skirts and non laced shoes.

Our school uniform is based on the school colours of green and grey. Children must wear:

  • grey trousers/ shorts or skirt,
  • white polo shirt,
  • green cardigan or jumper with school logo,
  • green and white checked summer dress,
  • white or grey socks.

School uniform can be purchased from Beat School Uniform.

The children will need green or black shorts and a green T-shirt for P.E. and games. A complete PE kit can be purchased from the school office. P.E. lessons in the hall are usually done in bare feet, but plimsolls or trainers and a track suit are required for outdoor lessons. Please ensure your child is provided with suitable kit. It is a county health and safety rule that jewellery is NEVER worn whilst doing physical activities and long hair must be tied back.

Children must also have a school book bag, a water bottle in school at all times, a coat when it is cold and a sun hat in hot weather.

Your co-operation in ensuring that your child wears uniform to school is essential.

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