Term Dates

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Autumn Term 2016

Thu 1st September - Fri 2nd September, 12:00am INSET Day
Mon 24th October - Fri 28th October Half Term
Wed 21st December, 1:30pm End of Term

Spring Term 2017

Thu 5th January INSET Day
Fri 6th January INSET Day
Mon 9th January, 8:45am Back to School
Mon 13th February - Fri 17th February February Half Term
Mon 20th February, 8:45am Back to School
Fri 31st March End of Term

Summer Term 2017

Mon 17th April Bank Holiday
Tue 18th April, 8:45am Back to School
Mon 1st May Bank Holiday
Mon 29th May Bank Holiday
Tue 30th May - Fri 2nd June May Half Term
Mon 5th June, 8:45am Back to School
Mon 10th July INSET Day
Fri 21st July End of Term

All the children will be being assessed during May and June PLEASE DO NOT book holidays for this time Children cannot be given another opportunity to take the assessments.

2017 – 2018

Autumn Spring Summer
5th September 2017 8:45am
1st September
4th September
4th January 2018 8:45am
3rd January
>16th April 2018 8:45am
4th June
23rd July
 Half Term
23rd October – 27th October
 Half Term
12February – 16th February
  Half Term
29th May – 1st June
19th December 1:30pm
29th March 1:30pm
20th July 1:30pm

Request for leave of absence during school term time

Good attendance is a vital component to a child’s success at school. Recent changes to Government legislation make it clear that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Headteachers no longer have discretion in this matter.

If there are exceptional circumstances behind your request for a pupil’s absence, you should make an appointment to discuss this with the headteacher. If your child is absent from school and this absence is not for illness, or has not been agreed with the school in advance, this will be classified as an unauthorised absence and you may be fined or legal action taken against you by the Local Authority.

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