Robin Class: Summer Term/ First Half Term

Posted on April 12th, 2017 by Robin Class

In Robin class, our theme will be ‘Plants and flowers’.

Our Roleplay is a Garden Centre and a Mini-Beast investigation Science Lab.

We will be visiting the garden every Thursday and this will be part of our Topic learning.

Where relevant we will be linking most of our learning to our topic. The children are also at the heart of our planning and changes will be made. Below is a brief outline of some of our possible learning activities. Check the website each week for current learning.


  • Percy the Park Keeper
  • Describing flowers and plants
  • Beanstalk Phonics
  • ‘Sound’ Flowers
  • Labelling our Garden Design
  • Design a secret fairy garden


  • Adding using flowers
  • folding, fractions- design a seed packet
  • Capacity using plant pots etc
  • Flower heights
  • Number Matching


  • Design a plant pot for our garden centre
  • Make a blossom tree
  • Van Gogh sunflowers collage
  • Thickening paint (Van Gogh style)
  • Fairy Gardens


  • Planting Cress
  • sunflower planting
  • Sorting natural materials
  • plant and flower hunt
  • Conditions needed to grow


  • Weekly PE skills sessions
  • Bikes/ scooters
  • Scissor and Cutting activities
  • Playdough
  • Threading
  • Physi-Gym


  • Daily feelings sessions self registration
  • Jigsaw themes


  • Listening to stories with or without pictures
  • Turn taking

The mentioned activities are just a brief outline of some of the activities that we will be taking part in.

Summer Timetable– Here is a rough outline of our day. It will change weekly where required.

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