Robin Week 4

Posted on September 24th, 2017 by Robin Class

What a busy week we have had. Well done to Freya for being our star of the week. Thank you to all those who came to the assembly. It was also lovely to see so many of you at our Reading Morning and Stay and Play.

Book bags start to go home this week. Please remember there will be different days for different children.

Phonics: learning the graphemes and phonemes of p,i,n,m,d. starting to read high frequency words is, it, in, at

Maths: patterns, learning about repeating patterns and shapes.

PE: practising for Sports afternoon which is on Friday

Topic: measuring arms of our group, thinking about our feelings, drawing faces and pencil control themed activities.

Monday Don’t forget to sign up on the red board outside classroom for which colour lunch option. Week 2 lunch option.

Home Learning due back.

Mr Libberton on training course. Mrs Austin covering.

Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Filan will be in class in the afternoon.

Book bags: Freddie, Razell, Adam, Farrell, Harvey, Timothy

Tuesday  Reading Morning 8.45-9.15-. Please sign in via the classroom door.

Watford observer photographs in the morning.

Meeting our year 6 buddies for a trial sports afternoon

Book Fair

Book Bags: Thomas, Devon, Ella, Poppy, Evie, Una

Wednesday  Mrs Filan and Mrs Autin will be in class in the afternoon.Home Learning to go home.

Book Fair

Book Bags: George, William, Brody, Wilfred, Cora, Scarlett

Thursday  Book Fair Mr Libberton training course all day

Book Bags: Freya, Anna, Levi, Ronnie, Albert, Oscar

Friday No stay and play because it is sports afternoon: Children can come to school dressed in their PE kits and wearing a T-shirt in their new house colour. Throughout the afternoon, they will complete in various sporting activities and gain points for their team. Their house colour is on their Home Learning folders. Parents/carers welcome we start at 1.30pm.

Water bottles go home

Book Bags: Ethan, Elsie, Daisy, Mustafa, Hibah, Maggie

Date for the diary:

Individual and sibling pictures will be on 30th October am

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