Robin: End Of Day Routine

Posted on September 26th, 2017 by Robin Class

We will now be shutting the gate and only opening the gate for one child at a time. Mrs Filan will be at the gate Monday-Wednesday and Friday. Miss Gorton or Mrs Shaw will be at the gate on a Thursday. The class teacher will then be inside with the rest of the class allowing the children to go one at a time. This process may be slower for some parents however. It is incredibly important for us to get the children safely to their parents and carers with happy, smiley faces.

With this in mind, please could you work together with us to remind the children of the importance of staying within the gate both at the start and end of the day. A further note, if you require to talk to a member of staff please wait until  the end when all the children have been paired up with their parents/carers.


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