Robin Class Week 5

Posted on February 5th, 2017 by Robin Class

Phonics: Vowel digraphs: oo, ar, or Spell tricky words: no, go

Literacy:  Kindness cards

Maths: Children explore lengths, heights and weights, learning to compare each of these, using direct comparison. Children lay lengths alongside each other, understanding the need for a baseline, and do the same with three items of different heights. They then learn to measure a length or height using a non-standard uniform unit, such as a crayon or footprint. Children compare items of the same size but different weight using balances and then measure these using uniform non-standard units such as conkers or pebbles.

Topic: Safer internet week: making a safety spider, e-safety discussions, Bee-Bots, French colours of the rainbow.
Reading Morning and Stay and Play as usual this week.
Friday is wear something Red for Home start day.
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