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Posted on July 3rd, 2017 by Robin Class

This week the new reception children will be visiting us for a short time. The idea of this visit is for the children and their parents to see the classroom environment together on a informal basis. I will be there with our current Robin class continuing making observations etc. We also have Oxhey Early Years visiting us on Thursday so the classroom will be very busy!

Today we had our forest school session and the children worked together to make bug hotels. I loved the home learning our the bug hotels that you did with Miss Budwig, they are a joy to have in the classroom.

Mrs Whittingham will be in class on Wednesday morning.

We start our new topic about our teddy bears picnic and the children already have lots of ideas as to what they want to do for their party. We will be making graphs, understanding money and sorting groups for our picnic in our maths lessons.

We are being visited by the library tomorrow talking about the summer reading challenge that will be taking place. More information will follow.

We have a very busy 3 weeks ahead and I look forward to all the exciting activities that we have planned.

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