Robin Class Autumn Week 2

Posted on September 9th, 2017 by Robin Class

This will be our first full week together as a class and we are all looking forward to it, even if we may be a bit tired by the end of the week!

This week we will start our whole class sessions learning about the rules and routines in the classroom. 

Phonics: s a t p grapheme/phonemes. Introduction to sounds.

Literacy: Starting to learn our story ‘The Little Red Hen’. We will be learning about story maps and how picutres help us to remember parts of the story.

Maths: This week is all about counting − chanting numbers in order up to 10 and then 20, counting items into a set, counting items taken from a larger set, matching a number of items to a numeral, matching written and spoken numerals and being able to count accurately using one-to-one correspondence.

Growth Mindset: Deema the Duck- Don’t Give Up

One sunny morning, Deema the duck was happily swimming along the river where she lived. The
river was flowing very fast and her legs had to paddle very quickly under the water so she didn’t get
washed down the river! That morning, some children went with their teacher down to throw some
bread to feed the ducks. All the other ducks were swimming nearer to the edge than Deema, and
quickly gobbled up most of the bread before swimming away. Deema could see the children
throwing bread but the river was too fast for her to swim over. She tried to swim over three times,
but each time she nearly got washed underneath the water! After that, she saw a rock nearby. She
used all her energy to swim to the rock, then jumped over the fast flowing water to where the
children were, and because they had seen how Deema hadn’t given up they threw her some extra

Topic/Child Initiated Learning: Rules and routines, sharing, tidying away.

PE: skills circuits

Monday ·         Don’t forget to sign up on the red board outside classroom for which colour lunch option.

·         We meet our year 6 buddies and share our boxes.

·         Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Filan will be in class in the afternoon.

Wednesday ·         Mrs Filan and Mrs Autin will be in class in the afternoon.
Thursday ·         PE

·         Meet the Teacher in Robin classroom after school.

Friday ·         Water bottles go home.
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