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Children can choose to have school lunches which are prepared and cooked on site. We run a pupil choice menu where children select their lunch daily and wear a lunch band representing their choice. Every day, children may choose from a meat option (red band), Vegetarian option (green band) and a packed lunch option (blue band).  All children in KS1 are entitled to free school dinners.




We are happy to accommodate children with allergies where possible. Before the caterers can provide meals to children with allergies, parents much complete the online application form which enables the caterers to ensure a suitable and safe menu is in place.  This can be completed online at:


Packed Lunches

Children who do not have school dinners must bring a packed lunch to school. We encourage healthy eating ask that NO nuts or chocolate spread be sent in packed lunches due to allergies. Children must bring their lunch in a clearly labelled packed lunch box and will need a non fizzy drink to have with their food.

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