Kingfisher Week 2nd October

Posted on September 29th, 2017 by Kingfisher Class

We are starting a new unit in English based on writing letters and postcards using the book John Patrick Norman McHennessy by John Burningham and Dear Teacher by Amy Husband. 

In Maths we are focusing on addition and subtraction. 

In phonics we are looking at spelling the phone,e /j/ with ‘-dge’ and ‘ge’ at the end of words: badge, edge, bridge, village, fudge, age, huge, change, charge and dodge. 

In Jigsaw we are talking about Other people’s feelings

Lara’s mum is coming in on Thursday to talk about Mexico! 


Book Bags, homework, water bottles and PE kits due in. 


Reading Morning 

Book Bags to go home 


Homework to go out 


Book Bags due in 


Book Bags and water bottles to go home 

Sign up for parents evening in the KS1 playground before and after school 

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