Kestrel Home Learning W5

Posted on May 17th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

Good Morning!

The home learning for this week is:

Spellings- Please learn the spellings for your group and put these words into a sentence. Please review the words that the children have already learnt as we do revisit these in our spelling checks each week.

Maths (consolidation) – On Monday we learnt about multiplication using partitioning(breaking the number into tens and ones). Complete the sheet practising this skill. Use the example to help!

English (future learning) – This week we have begun our English topic about ‘Shocking Styles.’ At the end of the unit we are writing newspaper articles on dramatic/strange fashion trends thinking about how far we would go to look “cool”. To prepare for this I would like the children to have a discussion with adults from different generations about their fashion styles when they were growing up as well as researching on the internet or books.  What was the style in the 60s/70s/80s/90s/00s? Did they wear any interesting head or footwear?  What was the fashion accessories of the time. Please fill in the Mind Map or create your own poster about the fashion styles of your chosen decade.  Feel free to add pictures too!

Jazzy Jars- This week you got a letter about making your own jazzy jar! Please bring these in by 5th June or before if you have made them. The children can decorate the jars if they would like as well as filling them! Lets get creative!


  • Please make sure that home learning is handed in on time. Those children not completing homework or handing in homework that is not done to the best of their ability will complete it during detention.  If you have any problems with the home learning please let us know before the hand in day of Tuesday so we can go through the work with the children.
  • Please make sure the children have a water bottle in school every day. This is especially important with the weather getting hotter.
  • Multi Sports on Tuesday lunch and football on Mondays.
  • Garden on Wednesday- please have at least a light jacket in case of rain.

Have a good week! Miss LH


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