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The governing body is responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality education. Together with the head it sets the school’s aims and policies, and makes decisions on how to spend the budget. Being a governor is an opportunity to have your voice heard and to influence education in the county.

There are people like you making important decisions about how every school is run. They are the school’s governors. Governors come from all sections of the community: parents, staff at the school, the world of business, representatives of local councils and churches – in fact, anyone. There is always a need for enthusiastic and committed people to serve as governors. You don’t have to be an ‘expert’ – only able to get on with others and to work as part of team. You’ll also need some spare time to go to meetings and read papers. There are plenty of free training courses available to help governors with their responsibilities.

The Governing Body operates as a Full Governing Body each meeting without committees.

Position Name Term of Office Attendance Rate* Pecuniary Interests
Chair of Governors Mr Martin Lawson

29th April 2013-28th April 2017 7/7 Related to School Employee
Vice Chair

LEA Governor

Mr David Sands 29th April 2013-28th April 2017 6/7
Headteacher Mrs Maria Pace 1st January 2016 – ongoing 7/7
Parent Governor Mrs Kate Ippolito 16th June 2016 – 15th June 2020 6/6  PTFA Member
Co-Opted Governor Mr Kevin Jones  16th June 2016 – 15th June 2020 5/6
Co-Opted Governor Mr Simon Sotomey 1st September 2015 – 31st August 2019 5/7
Parent Governor Mr Chris Hambleton 1st September 2015 – 30th August 2019 6/7 Employee at Rickmansworth School
Co-Opted Governor Miss Julie Weyer 1st September 2015 – 30th August 2019 7/7 Staff Member
Staff Representative Mrs Christina Sullivan 1st September 2014 – 31st August 2018 7/7
Co-Opted Governor Miss Ellen Millington  16th June 2016 – 15th June 2020 4/6
Co-Opted Governor Vacant
Co-Opted Governor Vacant
Associate Governor Mrs Amy Gibbs (SBM) 10th March 2016 – 10th March 2017 7/7 Staff Member

Governor at local maintained school

Associate Governor Mrs Lynne Wambeek (Assistant Headteacher) 16th June 2016 – 15th June 2020 6/6 Staff Member
Clerk to the Governing Body Mrs Emma Lad Employed by Governor Services
Co-Opted Mr Terry Gibbons Stepped Down 31/8/16
Co-Opted Mr David Wright Stepped Down 5/5/16

Minutes from Governing body meetings are available on request from the school office.

*Attendance Rate is calculated for the previous 12 months and is shown as meetings attended/meetings expected.

Meeting Dates 2016-2017

29th September 2016

29th November 2016

9th February 2017

9th March 2017

27th April 2017

22nd June 2017

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