Falcon Class Weekly Learning 8

Posted on June 12th, 2017 by Falcon Class

Great trip to France last week!

We were dancing, making croissants and bread, buying souvenirs, playing sports and walking by the sea side and the Old Town!

Thanks to all members of the staff! You were fabulous!

During this week 7:

In English, the children will be able to research about different jobs in the 21st Century where they will be able to research about different inventors/inventions, architects and designers.

Then, all the team members in the classroom will write their articles in the classroom magazines. The teams are made up of reporters, journalists and/or producers from television.

In Maths, the children will be practising with problems related to fractions, percentages, Roman numerals and statistics between other areas.

In P.E., the children will be starting athletics due to the last week it was raining.
In D.T., the children will be continuing their designs about their own structures taking as a model buildings and structures from London.
In History, the children will be comparing about London a hundred of years ago and London from this current century.

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