Sparrow Class Weekly Updates 02.05.2017

Posted on May 2nd, 2017 by Sparrow Class

Points to note:

Wednesday 3rd May   ·         Homework and Chatty Letter home.


Thursday 4th May ·         Book Bag and  library book due in.
Friday 5th May ·         Book bag home.

·         Water bottle home.

Monday 8th May ·         Water bottles, homework folders and book bags in.
Tuesday 9th May ·         Reading morning 8.45-9.15am.
Wednesday 10th May ·         Homework and Chatter Letter home.



Please note that our Summer trip to the Science Museum is fast approaching (24th May) and payment can be made online via the gateway. Also any parents who would like to volunteer their help for the day can you add this as a note when making payment.

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Stars of the Week

Posted on April 28th, 2017 by Sparrow Class

This week our Stars of the week are Bianca and Alexandru for completing their first week in Sparrow Class and making lots of new friends.

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Sparrow Weekly News 24/04/2017

Posted on April 24th, 2017 by Sparrow Class

Welcome to Bianca and Alexandru who joined us this week! We hope you enjoy our time with us in Sparrow Class.

Points to Note:

Year 1 Phonics Screening: Now that summer term is upon us Year 1 phonics screening tests are not very far away. As a result I would greatly appreciate if you could do some extra phonics practice with your children at home where possible. We are screening all children this week and results will be sent home on Friday with children’s book bags.

Summer Trip: Our Summer trip is taking place on 24th May to the Science Museum in London. A letter has been sent out by the office with further details and payment required. We will require five parent helpers for the day which will be chosen on a first come first serve basis in the interest of fairness. If you wish to put your name down please contact the office.

Wednesday 26th ·         Homework home: 2 week homework went out last week and is due back in Tuesday 2nd May. Weekly spellings and tables to be completed this week also.
Thursday 27th ·         Book Bag due in (just a gentle reminder that reading journals must be signed by a parent/guardian each time they are sent home).
Friday 28th ·         Book bag home.

·         Water bottle home.

Monday 1st May ·         Bank Holiday No School
Tuesday 2nd May ·         Book bags in and home

·         Homework due in

·         Reading morning 8.45-9.15am. Everyone welcome J

Wednesday 3rd May ·         Homework and Chatter Letter home.


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Sparrow Weekly Learning 24/04/2017

Posted on April 24th, 2017 by Sparrow Class
Weekly Learning Week 2:

This week we will be learning about:

English – Story Comprehension based on a book called ‘Man on the Moon’ and character profiles.

Maths –Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in Year 1 and SATs preparation in Year 2.

Phonics- Revision of all phase 5 sounds.

Science – Oral hygiene.

Geography- The Globe.

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Weekly Learning 18th April 2016

Posted on April 19th, 2017 by Sparrow Class
Weekly Learning


This week we are learning about:

English – Writing non-chronological reports about animals.

Maths – Number facts/ More than and less than in Year 1 and SATs preparation in Year 2.

Phonics- alternative spelling of /air/ /v/

Science – Living a healthy lifestyle.

P.E: Exploring different styles of dance.

Geography: Using the globe.

PSHE/Jigsaw: Family

Art: this week we are exploring collage

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Summer Term Learning

Posted on March 31st, 2017 by Sparrow Class

Summer Term Learning Outline:

Each week I will be updating Sparrow Classes blog to give you information about the coming week and important dates to remember.

This blog  outlines the Summer term ahead and what your children will be learning.


We will be developing our mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. We will continue to focus on addition and subtraction but we will be looking at different strategies to solve a problem. The children will be reviewing their number place value skills. The children will also begin to learn about statistics, problem solving, reasoning and algebra.


We will continue to practise our writing skills to form a neat cursive writing style. We will be focusing on grammar this term, as well as looking at fiction and non-fiction texts. We will look at their features and how they are different and similar. The children will also learn about poetry.  The children will continue to revise phonics for the Year 1 screening and Year 2 will be taking part in end of key stage tests.

Science (Plants)

We will be studying the seasonal changes between spring and summer. We will be discussing the changes of the environment and weather at these times of the year. We will also be discussing how we keep our bodies healthy including diet, exercise and oral hygiene. In the second half term, we will be examining plants in more detail and focusing on pollination, seed dispersal and survival. We will also look at plants within a food chain and discussing terminology such as omnivore, carnivore and herbivore.

Geography (The Globe)

In geography, we will be learning about the globe and its features. We will be learning about the oceans, continents, Equator and the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. We will also be examining the rain forest closely including the different layers of the rain forest and the animals and plants that grow there.


We will be developing our skills by becoming storytellers and producing a talking book. We will also become detectives using the internet and computing programmes to find clues.


This term we will be exploring the themes of books and stories in different religions. We will be learning about the Qur’an, Torah and Bible.

D &T (Vehicles)

We will be studying how vehicles move and designing and making our own vehicles. We will also be learning about food from around the globe and how our food arrives at Tesco! We will also be weaving using recyclable materials.

History (Famous People)

We will be learning about famous scientists that have affected British History. The famous scientists we will be learning about are Marie Curie and Mary Anning. We will be discussing their lives, why they are famous, x-rays, fossils and how their findings have impacted our lives today.


We will be exploring music from different countries. We will examine music from India, Scotland, England, America and New Zealand. We will also learn famous dances from these countries.


We will be working on dances from different countries including India, New Zealand, England, Scotland and America. We will also be learning basic skills such as throwing, hitting and aiming and applying these in game situations.


The children will continue to have a weekly French lesson with Mrs Lawson.

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Star of the Week

Posted on March 31st, 2017 by Sparrow Class

This week our Star of the Week award goes to all the children in Sparrow Class for their continued positive attitudes towards their learning and hard work this term.

Well done everyone and enjoy your break!

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