First Week

Posted on September 8th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

Well done for completing your first week as year 3’s in Kestrel class, Mrs Adoum and I have been really impressed with your attitude to learning. Please remember to bring in your chosen homework task on Monday along with your water bottles and your book bags. Monday afternoon will be when we have our PE lesson so you should make sure you have your PE kit with you.

Next week we will be continuing to look at animals and humans in science, coasts in geography and will start with gymnastics in PE. In maths we will be ordering numbers.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Miss Hickey 🙂

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Bedtime Story Competition 2017

Posted on September 5th, 2017 by Robin Class

Do you know a child aged between 5 and 11 years old who has a brilliant idea for a bedtime story? Would they love to see it published as a fantastic picture book? Book People, in association with Little Tiger, are on the lookout for the nation’s best storyteller!

 Any child living in the UK aged between 5 and 11 years old can take part in Book People’s Bedtime Story Competition. Schools, libraries and community groups are welcome to submit entries for their children, too. All they will need to do is:

  • Write a 200-800 word bedtime story about friendship
  • Have a parent or guardian submit their entry using the link below
  • All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm on Monday 2 October

One winner will be selected from each age category and one overall winner will be chosen to have their book illustrated by Alison Brown, published by Little Tiger and sold exclusively through Book People!

To find out more, go 

Mr Libberton

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Hertfordshire Library Services

Posted on September 4th, 2017 by Robin Class

Here are some events at local Hertfordshire Libraries. Click the link to find out about different events and activities on offer.

Weekend Stories – story time for under 8s

Weekend Stories are story time sessions in the library aimed at children under 8 years old. Come along to Saturday Stories or Sunday Stories and enjoy listening to old favourites and discovering new stories too.

This is a family event and all ages are welcome.

  • £1 voluntary donation per family

Hertfordshire Weekend Stories


Chatterbooks – reading groups for 8-12 year olds
Whether your child is already an avid reader or needing some inspiration, joining Chatterbooks is a great way to encourage them to have fun with books.

Please find more information about when the groups meet and to apply for a space in the link

Hertfordshire Chatterbooks


If you take part in any of these activities please let us know at school it would be great to share experiences at the Library.
Many Thanks
Mr Libberton

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Welcome to Kestrel Class!

Posted on September 1st, 2017 by Kestrel Class

Hello, welcome to Kestrel Blog Page. We hope you have had a fantastic summer and we look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday!

This week we will focus on settling into year 3. We will share all of our adventures we had over the summer so don’t forget to bring in your chosen item or photo ready for Tuesday. I’m very excited to hear all about it! We will also be looking at some class rules together. Have a look at your classroom so far. All it needs now is yourselves and some of your amazing work!

Autumn Term!

Each week we will be updating our blog to give you information about the coming week and important dates to remember.

This blog tells you about the term ahead and what your children will be learning.

Maths – This term in maths we will be refreshing our knowledge on place value of numbers. We will also be looking at different addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods. We will study different shapes and also cover fractions and measurement of time and mass. Times Tables and division facts will be practised each week.

English – This term in English, we will be looking at different genres of texts. Through our study of story-telling, non-fiction texts and poetry, we will develop our writing skills, including the use of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary choices and text layout.

Science – This term in science we will be learning all about animals including humans! We will be looking at their habitats, their lifestyles and will be carrying out lots of fun investigations.

History – This term in history we will be looking at changes in Britain and focussing on the Stone Age to Iron Age period. We will be learning about where they lived, their homes, their food and lots more! Think of some questions you’d like to ask for the beginning of the topic.

Geography – This term in geography we will be learning about the coasts along the United Kingdom and will learn how to locate different countries around the world using an atlas. Can you think of any different countries?

PE – For the first half of the term we will be learning all about gymnastics – my favourite! We will learn lots of new skills improving our balance, strength and coordination. For the second half of the term we will be looking at how to keep fit and learning many different ways to do this.

Music – We will be doing lots of exploring in music this term. We are looking at different sounds, patterns and tones.

RE – For RE this term you will have Mrs Forty teaching you. You will be looking at Christianity and Islam; focussing on Muhammad’s life and God.

Computing – Mrs Forty will also be teaching computing this term and you will be looking at staying informed and how to bring an image to life.

Art and DT – Mrs Sullivan will be teaching art and DT this term which is very exciting! You will be linking most of your art to our history topic this term. For DT you will be learning how to build structures and using different computer programmes to help you design these.

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Tuesday! 🙂

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Class Party

Posted on July 14th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

We are hoping to have our class party on Thursday.

If you would like to bring in food/drink or games for the class to share please feel free. Please remember no nuts!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Attendance winners!!!

Posted on July 14th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

A HUGE congratulations Kestrels on winning the attendance cup again and…

having the best attendance in the school for this half term!

As a reward the children will be able to wear their own clothes on Tuesday 18th July. 


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Kestrel Week 12

Posted on July 12th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

No home learning this week!

The children may be getting tasks set for them by their new class teachers on Thursday.



  • Wednesday 12th- Open Afternoon – feel free to come and look at the children’s books in the classroom. Books will be returned to the children after the autumn half term.
  • Thursday 13th- Transition PM- The children will be told their new classes in the morning. In the afternoon they will then go and spend an hour in their new rooms, with their new teacher and class mates.
  • Friday 14th- Reports sent out

Have a good week!

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Posted on July 5th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

With only 2 and half weeks to go we have been very busy trying to finish off all our topics! On Monday we took part in a Game On workshop which was great fun practicing rugby skills. With Miss Hickey we learnt about changes in volume and pitch, playing with some different instruments.

The home learning for this week is:

Spellings- Please learn the spellings and put these words into a sentence. I will now be focusing on specific words that the children commonly misspell.

Maths- Complete the multiplication sheet for your group.

Science/Music- Fill in the missing names of the different instruments. If you are not sure try and find these out!



  • I was very impressed with the behaviour of the children on International day! They were excellent and really enjoyed learning about our countries: Sweden, Russia, India, Spain & China. I know lots of children enjoyed sampling some Spanish cuisine and making Chinese flags.
  • Thank you to all of you that supported the International Breakfast.
  • Next Monday (10th July) is an INSET day. Enjoy your day off!
  • Next Thursday is change over day. The children will be informed of their classes for next year.
  • Reports will be sent out on 14th July.

Have a great week!


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Kestrel Home Learning W10

Posted on June 28th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

We have had a wonderful week so far watching Year 6 Puppet show on Tuesday as well as making our own string telephones on Monday.

The home learning for this week is:

Spellings- Please learn the spellings and put these words into a sentence. I will now be focusing on specific words that the children commonly misspell. I have given the children a challenge to write sentences using alliteration this week!

Maths- Please complete the adding capacity sheet. I would like all children to attempt Ch 1/2. If they would like to attempt challenge 3 this would be great!

English– Write some sentences using the pictures on the sheet to help you. Make sure you are using an apostrophe to show what belongs to each person.



  • Thank you to all of you that supported the Summer Fete! The school raised £2200 which is incredible!
  • Friday is our International Day. We are starting with an international breakfast from 8am. We will then be travelling around the world in school!
  • Next week we have a Game On workshop. The children MUST have their PE kits in school. If they have lost/ items do not fit they need to be replaced.

Have a good week!


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Kestrel Home Learning W9

Posted on June 21st, 2017 by Kestrel Class

We had a brilliant trip yesterday to St Albans. The children have learnt all about the Romans and now have a better awareness of Verulamium and what life was like.  They coped well considering how hot it was and asked lots of questions during our tour.

The home learning for this week is:

Spellings- Please learn the spellings for your group and put these words into a sentence. Please review the words that the children have already learnt as we do revisit these in our spelling checks each week.

Maths- Complete the capacity sheet. think about the different capacities that can be added together to make a total. Get practical! If you have measuring jugs use these if you are finding it challenging.

PSHE – I would like the children to think about their year in Kestrel class. What has gone well for them and what do they want to improve in the future?  Fill in the sheet in your best handwriting!



  • A HUGE thank you to the adults that supported on our trip. I hope you enjoyed the day and didn’t get too hot.
  • Well done to the children for their fantastic running on our sponsored fun run! If you have any other forms/ money please bring in to school.
  • It is incredibly hot- children need to have their sunhat and water bottles in school every day. They can put sun cream on themselves.
  • Please hand home learning in on Tuesday. If you are finding the home learning challenging please speak to Mrs Adoum or myself so that we can go through it with the children.
  • Today is Y6 Enterprise. Come along from 2:30pm to take part in the different activities.
  • Any old crockery or bric a brac please bring in for the summer fete.
  • School Fete is taking place on Sunday 25th June! Come along from 12-3pm.


Enjoy the heat, stay safe in the sun!

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Kestrel Trip

Posted on June 19th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

Tomorrow is our class trip to St Albans. It is going to be incredibly hot so here are some reminders of things to bring:

  • A back pack to carry things- there is no storage for personal belongings so the children will need to carry their lunches or any other items around during the day.
  • At least 2 large drinks– the forecast is very hot tomorrow so they children will need plenty to drink. I would even suggest a frozen bottle of water that will keep cool.
  • Packed lunch– those children who are having school packed lunch will collect in the morning. Please make sure they bring a bag to put their lunch in.
  • Sun hat
  • Comfortable walking shoes– we are doing a walking tour so we will be on our feet most of the day.
  • Please wear your PE top and your choice on your bottom.
  • Sun cream– I hope to go to the park in the afternoon so the children may wish to apply sun cream.
  • The children DO NOT need to bring any money as we will not be visiting the gift shop.

It will be an interesting and exciting trip which I hope the children enjoy!

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Posted on June 15th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

Tomorrow is non-school uniform day.

You can wear sports clothes and we are allowing football shirt

s to be worn.

Please bring in sweets, chocolates and bottles! 

Remember it is also the sponsored run at 2:30 pm.

Don’t forget your sponsorship form and your running shoes!

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Kestrel Home Learning W8

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by Kestrel Class

This week is problem solving week. We have been really busy doing investigations and solving problems across the curriculum! On Monday we also took part in a workshop by The Happy Puzzle Company.

The home learning for this week is:

Spellings- Please learn the spellings for your group and put these words into a sentence. Please review the words that the children have already learnt as we do revisit these in our spelling checks each week.

English– Read the prefixes and suffixes with their meaning. Try and think of at least 5 different words using these spelling rules.

Maths- Have a play of Mathematical Hangman! Play with a partner and complete the sums following the rules.

Science- Complete a ‘Sound Map.’ Walk around your house, garden, local area and draw a picture of the sounds that you can hear. Around the picture write some description of the sound. Is it  loud or soft? High or low pitch?



  • The children all need to have a sun hat and water bottle in school every day.
  • Please hand home learning in on Tuesday. If you are finding the home learning challenging please speak to Mrs Adoum or myself so that we can go through it with the children.
  • Our class trip to St Albans is on Tuesday. More info to come! Keep fingers crossed for good weather!
  • Thank you to all of you that volunteered your time to come help on the trip. I have sent out letters in response.
  • Sponsered run on Friday.
  • Non-uniform day also on Friday! Please bring in chocolates, sweets or bottles for the Summer Fete.


Have a good week!

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Maths Problem Solving Week

Posted on June 10th, 2017 by Eagle Class

This coming week is Maths Problem Solving Week.

All the children will be completing activities in their class rooms.  Reception up to Year 4 will also be taking part in a Problem Solving Workshop run by The Happy Puzzle Company.

After school, in the hall from 3.15pm, on Monday only, you will have the opportunity to purchase games and puzzles for as little as 75p.

Please see the web link below for a voucher to use when making your purchase on Monday, you can print it off yourself, to claim the Happy Puzzle Voucher, or alternatively collect one on arrival at the school hall on Monday.

There is a Problem Solving workshop of Parents only on Tuesday at 6.30pm, please complete the return slip on the letter sent out previously to indicate your interest so that we are able to cater for the numbers.

Thank you.


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