24 June

Posted on July 4th, 2017 by Kestrel Class
After warming up we tried out some ‘vocal extensions’ by sharing, and copying, some realistic animal noises – elephants, monkeys, cats and more!  We tried out and enjoyed the Bananas song that Year 2 students learned at last week’s music festival.  We then started learning a new song ready for our performance in school assembly on Friday 14 July.  Details of the new piece below – have a good week everyone!
Simama kaa (Stand up sit down), a song in Swahili:
Simama kaa (Stand up sit down)
Simama kaa
Ruka ruka ruka (Jump)
Simama kaa
Tembea tembea  (Walk)
Tembea tembea
Ruka ruka ruka
Simama kaa!
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